• 20.10.2017
  • Story
  • Why launching a simple advertising campaign when local artists can be showcased? This is the idea we share with our friends from The Word Magazine.

    Remember, two years ago, five famous street artists took up the challenge of expressing themselves with our sauces instead of paint bombs.

    Last year, we started up again with 5 rappers who had to create punchlines from our sauces scraped on a piece of paper captured in the magazine.

    This year, The Word Magazine suggests to ask the talented DEFO to customize a few old runners in the Marolles (area in Brussels). The Ketjep Runner #1 is decorated with the inevitable DALLAS and the #2 with the COWBOY.

    © Thomas Ost

    And as we like to please everyone … if you spot theses runners in town and post the picture on Instagram or Twitter using #brusselsketjep, you will probably receive a little surprise in your mailbox.