Umami Sauce Fried Chicken

  • 03.04.2017
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  • Sweet and sour, spicy, with pepper, ginger, peanuts or cashew nuts … not to mention the curries! Asian sauces make your mouth water and inspire cooks from around the world. How can Brussels Ketjep be inspired? Simple, by combining tastes and ingredients like a crazy scientist-cook!

    Umami: Rather than going with a classic simple sweet and sour sauce (professional secret: many Asians use ketchup as a base, to achieve it), our approach is via the umami taste. Recognised as a complement to the other four perceptible flavours (salty, sweet, bitter, and sour), this complex flavour seduces the most renowned chefs, and can enrich your kitchen. How would one describe it? As a mixture of several flavours: slightly acid, with sweet and salty highlights. Finally, truly close to that perfect sweet-and-sour sauce that remains the paragon in our view.

    No exact measurements, each element is adapted your personal taste. To make our Brussels Ketjep Umami Sauce:

    Mix two equal parts of both Ketjep and Cowboy sauces in a bowl;

    • Add a small dash of salty soy sauce
    • Squeeze in green lemons, in proportion to the desired quantity of sauce
    • Tasting and adapt the ingredients to achieve a balance of flavours.

    To make the fried chicken (you can also make fritters):

    -Season the chicken breasts with coarse salt and pepper, then leave to rest in the fridge a little less than an hour

    -Dice the chicken breasts

    Coat the cubes in flour, then a beaten egg, and finally, in a mixture of flour (or bread crumbs) with salt, pepper and other desired spices (aromatic herbs, peppers …)

    -Bring the oil to high heat

    -Fry the cubes, and remove as soon as they appear crispy.

    For the second step of the recipe, we’ll add the vegetables and mix everything in for the final dish:

    • In a wok, pour a light layer of oil that you will slowly heat
    • Incorporate your vegetables (e.g. onions, broccoli, peppers, corn, carrots) and let cook lightly
    • Add the fried chicken cubes and the sauce, then mix

    Cook more quickly, to caramelise the whole dish, and if necessary, add pressed garlic to increase the flavours

    -Serve with rice.