More sauces for more pleasure

  • 20.12.2015
  • Story
  • Like a big family, Brussels Ketjep has many illustrious members that we love to invite to the table. Founded in November 2012 by a Brussels ketje (the affective nickname for a Brussels man, the word also means “small,” but we will hide his actual size for our readers), our range now includes numerous sauces.

    First things first, with the desire to offer a ketchup that is both more delicious and still close to its origins. This requires of tomatoes … An obvious point, but our Ketjep sauce contains 50% more than the competition. And as our grandmothers (or our cooking shows) have taught us: tomatoes bring acidity, not sugar, resulting in a fresh and mouth-watering sauce, with a rounder and more natural finish. Intended as a base for professionals in the hospitality industry, our Ketjep has already won over the hearts of many people!

    But Gourmet patrons wanted more, first and foremost of course, a good mayonnaise. To select the perfect recipe, three samples were sent and scored by chefs (and their teams) in Belgium. After a good deal of hard work, the reward came through in April 2013, with the birth of the Mayo sauce.

    In January 2014, to prove that Brussels Ketjep could master the classics while offering originality, the Dallas sauce arrived. With its unique recipe and its spicy tone, it sits proudly in our restaurants, and also as an accompaniment to dishes such as hamburgers or steak tartare.

    But you’re going to say: there’s no mustard or barbecue sauce! And you’re quite right, especially when our Ketjep and Mayo occupy the jealous space of Dijon mustard at your table. The Mostoed was therefore launched, in January 2015, following the tradition of the recipes of Ghent, and followed by Cowboy, in January 2016 (a bit early for barbecue season… but you never know with Belgian weather).

    Responding to requests but also following a logical progression, our sauces now form a family that should please all different preferences. Until the next creation!