One small fries for Man, a giant leap for Brussels Ketjep

  • 28.04.2016
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  • People always laugh at other people who think they see strange things in the sky. Except that yes, in fact, planes are now flying low from Zaventem airport. And we can see Superman on his float during the parade of the balloons, in the capital. So when your mate (the one makes such an impression elbowing his way to the buffet table with his elbows) or your dear mama (who likely wears the thickest glasses) tell you they have seen a packet full of chips, flying through the air … Well, believe them!

    The answer lies not in the paranormal, but a crazy idea. In partnership with David Antoine of Radio Contact, Brussels Ketjep sauce (does the expression “flying saucer” coming from this?) has launched a serving of fries aloft, to inaugurate its journey in space! Double-fried, in beef fat … It’s hard to check the flavour of the potatoes, either on Earth, or in orbit. Especially after they fall through the atmosphere and receive their fatal last cooking (for the moment, do not believe the Gauls with their story of the sky falling on their heads)… but this feat is the real deal. On April 28, 2016, Belgium blasted off its first cornet full of French fries!

    To finish our story about the conquest of space, it’s all being inaugurated by a Tintin album, followed by Dirk Frimout (the first Belgian in space) and Frank De Winne (former captain of the International Space Station). But stay alert: sauces in zero gravity will stain white clothes even faster!