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  • 28.04.2021
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  • Its mission? Fly into the stratosphere. It was supposed to be a one- time thing. But it came back from its trip to space and continued living, due to public demand. It even has a spot in the Bruges Fries Museum. The 16-20 sauce – owing its name to David Antoine’s famous radio show – became a standard. Probably due to its unique taste of fried onions and peppers. What makes it special? Its sweetness and a touch of tang.

    Chef’s Tip : the Space Burger, with a chorizo brioche bun, a great meat from the butcher, rocket, tomato slice and fried onions for the crisp! The 16-20 on top for a delicious journey.

    Sauce 16-20 300ml

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    You are a food service professional? The 16-20 is also available as 3L pot. For more info about prices or wholesalers, contact us via info@brusselsketjep.com or call the 0032 488/77.44.16

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