Frisket galettes

FRISKET, for the Franco-Belgian alliance!

  • 23.01.2020
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  • Brussels Ketjep is today one of the most well-known brands in the kingdom, and it’s because of its innovations. But some of its products aren’t on the shelves anymore to help tell the rest of its history. That’s how Frisket is born, for a short-lived campaign…

    Frisket x Mort SubiteTo stimulate the beer brand Mort Subite, Heineken France launched a partnership with Brussels Ketjep. The theme of this partnership: the perfect Belgian pairing. The Frisket sauce was designed to be best appreciated with a good Lambic beer and crispy fries. The beer and the sauces were promoted in an exclusive pack containing 3 Mort Subite beers, the Frisket sauce, fry cones and the exclusive comic strip telling the story of how Bruno, master brewer, and Sylvain, top sauce maker, met. The comic was drawn by artist François Gadant and coordinated by the Konbini team. The famous French infotainment media also handled social media communications, for which is won an award for the best Instagram campaign.

    Frisket was sold exclusively in this gift box. It was sold out on the first day of sales on Only a few thousand French people had the opportunity to taste a pot of this sauce with a nice beer!


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    This sauce, that perfectly connected beer and fries, was a tartar sauce 3.0. Extra secret ingredients? Lemon, mint and shiso, to make it fresh and tart.Read more
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    Frisket was re-released for a few months in Belgium, but under a different name: Vismet! A limit edition to celebrate the opening of the Brussels Ketjep station. That way, Belgian foodies could also enjoy it.