Lucas Beguin & Anthony Urbain Club Ketjep
Lucas Beguin & Anthony Urbain
Grill Island Founders

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.
Lucas gave up on his studies after two tries and went on to do marketing for Brasserie C instead, famous for its Curtius beer. He went on to establish the “floating barbecue” spot Grill Island, the youth networking platform Réseau des Jeunes Entrepreneurs and the corporate and personal branding agency InYourBrand.
Anthony meanwhile came from a public relations background, and founded Grill Island alongside Lucas, as well as Homelinks, a real estate and insurance company.

How has where you come from shaped who you are?
We both lost our fathers at quite a young age, and since then, our vision on life changed significantly: to enjoy every day to the fullest, because life is short. On top of that, the traditional course of life never suited us – we crave freedom, and to not be placed in an “employee” box.

How would you describe your attitude to work?
Creative, fun, hustling. And above all, independent in every sense of the word.

On a personal note, what would you say you’re the proudest of?
Having had the guts to launch Grill Island and its unlikely concept in Belgium, despite warnings against it, and raising a demand for a possible franchise expansion to France. Moreover, we’re rather proud of having managed to start a business as best friends.

What do you think distinguishes Belgium, and its people, from the rest?
Our friendliness and self-mockery, originality and wackiness. And more than that, our authenticity.

If you had to nominate three people that, to you, best symbolised Belgium in its full glory, who would they be and why?
Benoît Poelvoorde, Jacques Brel and Hergé. They do Belgium proud, repping our colours beyond our borders.

If you had to take out-of-towners to one essential restaurant in Belgium, which one would it be?
Les Sabots d’Hélène in Liège, for the simple fun of grilling your own meat. In addition, Marc the boss is an absolute aficionado of wine, and will always help you find the best matched bottle.

If you had to take visiting guests out on a Sunday tourist trail, where would you take them and why?
The slopes of the Citadel of Liège: located at the heart of the city, where all time seems to stop. It’s also a great spot to discover Liège’s amazing nightscape. An absolute must-see.

Tell us about the first time you discovered BK sauces.
At Huggy’s Bar, during BK’s launch party for their then latest sauce, the Dallas.

Can you recollect your best Belgian joke ever?
Renaud Rutten’s “L’ours bleu” skit – apparently it’s even known in Canada!

Why do Belgians do it better?
Because we stay true to ourselves no matter what.