Gilles Grosjean Club Ketjep
Gilles Grosjean
Bertelles Founder

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.
An engineer turned business owner in the fashion industry.

How has where you come from shaped who you are?
Liège, Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels; engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, fashion. Every place or step in my past have influenced me in so many ways.

How would you describe your attitude to work?
Whistling while I work – working my ass off to make sure it all comes together, without forgetting to enjoy the ride.

On a personal note, what would you say you’re the proudest of?
Making the switch from giving advice to people developing their brands, to actually building my own. When a brand you’ve created becomes more important than you and seems to have its own life, then you can be sure you’ve achieved something.

To you, what is a Ketje?
A friendly chap.

What do you think distinguishes Belgium, and its people, from the rest?
Our easy-going nature, diverse culture, inherent Europeanness…and our love of frietjes!

If you had to nominate three people that, to you, best symbolised Belgium in its full glory, who would they be and why?
I’ll stick to two: Arno and Eddy Merckx. Great representatives of our Belgian identity, both here and abroad.

If you had to take out-of-towners to one essential restaurant in Belgium, which one would it be?
Totally unfair to have to limit myself to just one, but if I really have to choose I would probably say Gramm in downtown Brussels – creative and so delicious.

If you had to take visiting guests out on a Sunday tourist trail, where would you take them and why?
We would probably start at Brussels Park and go down via Cathedral of St. Michel and St. Gudule, towards Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and the Grand Place. We would then head to Place Sainte Catherine and stop at Noordzee/Mer du Nord for some seafood nibbles. Finally, rounding the trip off with a visit to Sablon/Zavel for some afternoon tea.

Sauces, in Belgium at least, are intrinsically linked to French fries. What’s your combination of choice?
I’m very traditional – nothing can replace my mayonnaise! Just ask my wife, who regularly mocks me for being “so Belgian”.

Tell us about the first time you discovered BK sauces.
I first discovered the Ketjep, and thought it was a perfect local alternative. My in-laws eventually got a taste for it too, and I’m now an (almost official) smuggler of BK sauces to Northern Ireland!