David Blocteur Club Ketjep
David Blocteur
Beer Specialist, Festibière & Dikkenek Founder

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.
I have a bachelor in public relations and I have a true passion for beer so I decided to found Festibière, a beer festival taking place in Gembloux and to create my own beer: Dikkenek.

How has where you come from shaped who you are?
I like to meet new people from different cultures and countries in order to discuss and share experiences.

How would you describe your attitude to work?
I’m always on duty, inventive and alert. I’m a real geek who’s fond of new technologies and I love fine tuning every decision and project I’m involved in.

On a personal note, what would you say you’re the proudest of?
I’m truly proud of my family, especially my 15-year-old daughter Zoé. I hope she will soon follow my footsteps.

To you, what is a Ketje?
A Ketje is a guy who tries to reach his own goals in life even when others try not to. He or she has an open mind, a real Belgian spirit and is much smarter than you’d think.

What do you think distinguishes Belgium, and its people, from the rest?
Being Belgian means much more than a nationality; it’s a state of mind. Only in Belgium can you find that self-derision that makes our sense of humour so unique.

If you had to take visiting guests out on a Sunday tourist trail, where would you take them and why?
I would first take them for a walk in the old streets of Namur and the Citadelle; then we would head to Brussels to have a few beers and eat Belgian fries at the Marolles’ popular pubs and also check out the Atomium; and we would end the day with a boat trip on Bruges’ canals.

Sauces, in Belgium at least, are intrinsically linked to French fries. What’s your combination of choice?
Please, don’t say French fries, they’re totally Belgian. My favourite combination is fries, Dallas sauce and hot saveloys.

Tell us about the first time you discovered BK sauces.
My Brussels Ketjep friend Sylvain made me taste them with Belgian fries and I fell for them right away.

Can you recollect your best Belgian joke ever?
Two tomatoes want to cross the street. The first one arrives on the other side and tells her friend: “Hey come on, catch up!”

Why do Belgians do it better?
Because we know why, when and how.