Adeline le Hardy Club Ketjep
Adeline le Hardy
ING Digital Product Manager

Describe yourself, your background and what you do today.
I currently live in Etterbeek, and work as a Digital Project Manager for ING. I started my career in the banking industry and 12 years later I’m still here! It’s a sector who changed a lot in the last few years so it’s quite exciting to be part of that change.

How has where you come from shaped who you are?
My parents taught me to never take anything for granted. If you want something, you have to work for it. It became my motto!

How would you describe your attitude to work?
I like to think I’m a fun colleague to work with, always in a good mood. But I’m also very exigent towards myself and others.

On a personal note, what would you say you’re the proudest of?
Probably my career: I was never the best student at school, but I like to I think I’m doing quite well now.

To you, what is a Ketje?
A young guy from Brussels embracing the cool and relaxed Belgian attitude.

What do you think distinguishes Belgium, and its people, from the rest?
We’re able to have a laugh at our own expense – yet having said that, we should have more pride in our achievements across various sectors and fields. We’re also very good at finding compromises.

If you had to nominate three people that, to you, best symbolised Belgium in its full glory, who would they be and why?
Hergé, Stromae and Dirk Frimout: the perfect combination of art, music and science!

If you had to take out-of-towners to one essential restaurant in Belgium, which one would it be?
Downtown Brussels’ Belga Queen: a magnificent former bank turned into a top-notch restaurant.

If you had to take visiting guests out on a Sunday tourist trail, where would you take them and why?
I love Brussels, so my first stop would have to be the Grand Place – it’s probably the most iconic place in Belgium. Afterwards a small tour of the beautiful art deco houses that we have in Ixelles/Elsene and Etterbeek, and a visit to Villa Empain where they have excellent art exhibitions. And to round off, a beer on a terrace in Flagey.

Sauces, in Belgium at least, are intrinsically linked to French fries. What’s your combination of choice?
I’m a ketchup addict, but I like to treat myself to some Dallas as well!

Tell us about the first time you discovered BK sauces.
It was the Ketjep in a small shop in the Châtelain/Kastelijn area. I bought a bottle because I really liked the label! Since then my addiction has been incurable.